Actuator 34
Actuator 34

Actuator 34

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The Shiftec Actuator 34 is designed to provide powerful and reliable actuation of sequential gearbox selector. There are two adjustable rod ends for mounting and providing a secure installation. The body is CNC machined from aluminium billet and protectively anodised. Combined with a hardened chrome shaft, this allows great durability and performance in a wide range of conditions.

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Product Highlights:

  • Compact design
  • Powerful action
  • 34mm total stroke
  • Adjustable rod ends
  • M8 and ¼” mounting ends
  • Dash 4 JIC air feed fittings
  • Proven durability in 24hr races

Spec Sheet:

You can download a spec sheet for the Actuator 34 which includes dimensions and mounting information by clicking here.


How To:

There is a guide to fitting and centralising the Actuator 34 on our How To pages in the Support section. Please click here to access it.