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Shiftec "How To" Guides are designed to provide you with the information and assistance you require to achieve success with our products. If there is something you think we are missing from these pages please let us know here.

Shift Kit How To Guides:

Quickstart Guides:

Installation Manuals:
    ECU Integration Guides:


    Actuator How To Guides :


    Compressor How To Guides:


    Valve Block How To Guides:
    Additional dimensions and connector pin outs for the 2 Way and 3 Way valve block are provided in the downloads section.


    GCU How To Guides:

    Pin Out/Connector information for GCU500, GCU501 and GCU800 are provided in the spec sheets available in the downloads section.


    ECU How To Guides:

    Example calibrations for Pectel, Motec, GEMS and EFI ECUs that are referenced in the How To guides below are provided in the downloads section.