Shiftec Safety Systems

Providing viral protection screens for the public transport industry.

The Shiftec Viral Protection Screen is available in versions to suit cars and vans and is supplied as a complete kit to separate the passenger compartment of the vehicle from the drivers compartment.


The Car Kit Includes

  • A VIRAL-PROTECT transparent wall with mounting velcro to suit the walls and roof of the vehicle.
  • Mounting cords to secure the screen to the headrests.
  • Bungee cords to secure the bottom of the screen.



The Van Kit Includes:

  • A VIRAL-PROTECT transparent wall
  • Mounting velcro for the walls of the vehicle.
  • Double sided mounting velcro for the roof of the


Three versions of the van kit are available for:

- Delivery Vans From 3 to 5 m3
- Compact Vans From 5 to 7m3
- Large Vans From 8 to 14 m3


To order please contact us at

Or call the sales hotline for this product: 01902 308000